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Advanced players, please post your suggestions for beginners troops configuration here under one of the suggestion tabs. Please sign your post.

Suggestion 1

Troops: Train 1000 conscripts, Train 500 skirmishers when you are between level 1~4. This will provide advantage over wilds level 1~2 and also ONLY Barbarian Camp Level 1. Train 500 supply donkeys for transporting resources, plundering conquered wilds and plundering other cities. Beyond level 4, train [[Troops|Cavalry], however note that Cavalry is extremely vulnerable and weak against melee troops. It is strong against ranged troops, like skirmishers. Train about 500 cavalry, for attacking cities with RANGED troops.

Training these soldiers will provide advantage when attacking CITIES LEVEL (PALACE LEVEL) 1~3 and wilds of level 1~3, as well as Barbarian Camp Level 1.

Suggestion: Attack barbarian camps with 500~600 skirmishers, and all the supply donkeys that you've trained. The skirmishers will take out ALL the conscripts and donkeys in the Barbarian Camps.

Suggestion 2 i find it better to train as many cons as you can only because they are the fastest to train other than donkeys which are good to help carry more resourses, to attack wilds and to farm meaning to attack a city and take there resources people who barley play, collect as many you can and uprgrade your barracks at the same time the higher and more barracks the faster you train,

Suggestion 3

Suggestion 4

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