Items that give attack or defense bonuses, experience to your generals, etc.

Item Description
Mars Blessing Mars' Blessing Increase attack of troops by 20% for 24 hours.
Mars Favor Mars' Favor Increase attack of troops by 20% for 7 days.
[Icon Missing] Jovian Thunder Increase attack and defense of troops by 80% for two hours. The effects do not stack with other bonuses. (This item is only available in a "Jovian Fortune Box" and "War Chest III")
Chainmail Chainmail Increase defense of troops by 20% for 24 hours.
Platemail Platemail Increase defense of troops by 20% for7 days.
Legionary Training Legionary Training Gives 1,000 experience to your general.
Centurion Training Centurion Training Gives 10,000 experience to your general.
Praetorian Training Praetorian Training Gives 50,000 experience to your general.
Truce Truce Grants your city 12 hours of peacetime. While at peace, you cannot attack or be attacked. You cannot use this item if you are currently being attacked or your troops are currently marching. Enemy attacks launched before using this item will still arrive.
DayofRest Day of Rest Used to go into vacation mode. You need 1 Day of Rest every day you wish to be on vacation and at least 3 to begin a vacation. Cannot go into vacation mode while building, training, researching, attacking or being attacked.

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