One of the new interfaces

UI Changes:

Resources Streamlined

A new building and troop User Interface has been added that will allow players to use/purchase resources needed for the specified task. You now have the option to Instant Purchase the amount of resources needed to build or train along with the ability to use resource items from your Inventory.

Included in this new User Interface is the ability to purchase population. The amount of population you will be able to purchase will not exceed your population cap.

Shop Changes:

Price Reduction

All resources (including population) have had their prices reduced.

40,000 Resources: 4 gold (reduced from 10 Gold) 250,000 Resources: 25 gold (reduced from 55 Gold) 500,000 Resources: 50 gold (reduced from 95 Gold) 1,000 Population (Fertility of Venus): 20 gold (reduced from 50)

Combat Changes:

General Level Changes

The amount of experience needed for early levels has been lowered and will scale accordingly with level, and increase the amount of experience necessary for higher levels. The TOTAL amount of experience possible has not be changed.

Defenenders will now use the highest level General in that city or the player level (whichever is highest). Generals on marches will not factor into the defense of the city. Generals made to defend WILL NOT use energy. The highest level General (if higher than the Player's level) will defend even if no energy is available.

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