Province MapEdit

Glory of Rome World Map

Province Map of the World

The world is 800 by 800 in coordinates. It starts at 1,1 in the upper left hand corner in the Province of Germania, traveling left to right down the map to the bottom right hand corner at 800,800 in Achaia.

Each Province is 200 by 200 coords. The world currently appears to be flat!

If you go to one edge of the map coordinates there is nothing but blank green space beyond, so it is unclear at this time if the devs are intending the edges to run into each other as they do in Kingdoms of Camelot. I would assume this would be the intention as the game progresses. It may very well already work that way, just not show it on the map.

There are currently no indicator lines showing where one province begins and another ends on the game map, so keep in mind the size of each province. I have placed the corner marker coordinates on this map you should be able to use them sufficiently to help maneuver around Rome.

Germanica Noricum Pannonia Moesa
Belgica Raetia Dalmatia Thracia
Aquitania Alpes Italia Macedonia
Hispania Narbonensis Sicilia Achaia
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