Research is also another fundamental part of Glory of Rome. Like buildings, Research can increase your Glory as well as serve as enhancers to make parts of your city work with more efficiency.

Research Items Description Benefit
Irrigation No civilization has controlled the flow of water as masterfully as the Romans. Irrigation brings life to all corners of the Empire. Increases your Food production speed by 10% per level
Logging Stout timbers are needed for construction of buildings and war machines. Wood and axes are Roman symbols of authority for good reason. Increases your Wood production speed by 10% per level
Stoneworking Roman engineers turn rough stone into archways, columns, and wonderous works of art. Stone is the very foundation of the Empire Increases your Stone production speed by 10% per level
Smelting Iron must be forged in fire to be of any use, just as the person who seeks to rule Rome must be forged in the heat of command. Increases your Iron production speed by 10% per level
Tactics The Roman army is unrivaled in tactical flexibility and discipline, allowing them to defeat all manner of barbarian foes. Increases the speed of Troop Training by 5% per level
Stealth Sometimes information is worth more than gold or blades. A true commander never goes into battle without knowledge of the enemy. Gives more detailed information when Scouting per level
Hardened Steel Entire nations have fallen before the point of the common sword and spear held by the Roman legionary. True steel prevails. Increases your Troops' Attack by 5% per level
Cast Iron The difference between barbarians and Romans is the discipline and fortitude needed to wear the armor of a professional soldier. Increases your Troops' Defense by 5% per level
Weight Distribution Logistics determine the outcomes of wars. The smallest improvement in supply lines can mean life or death for an army. Increases your Troops' Load by 10% per level
Swordsmanship Roman bladework is brutal, efficient, and effective. The sharp part goes into the enemy. Repeat as necessary. Each upgrade increases your melee units' accuracy by 6%
Roman Roads All roads lead to Rome. The mightiest feats of engineering often go unnoticed by the people who walk over them every day. Increases your Troops' march speed by 10% per level
Horseshoes Good horses are valuable and must be protected. Luck often favors the warrior with a healthy, well-shod mount. Each upgrade increases your cavalry units' accuracy by 5%
Torsion Springs Wound skeins of rope and hair provide the power for devastating ranged weapons that can reduce armies and forts alike. Each upgrade increases your ranged units' accuracy by 3%
Increased Storage Bread and circuses keep your citizens fed in body and mind. You must protect your resources to keep their awe and respect. Increases your Storehouse capacity by 10% per level
Healing Salves Roman physicians use many concoctions of herbs to keep soldiers alive. Any legionary will prefer a salve to a scalpel. Increases your Troops' Life by 5% per level
Cranes The massive building projects throughout the Empire would not be possible without mechanical assistance from these powerful tools. Increases your Building speed by 10% per level
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